Thursday, April 19, 2018


Last night my Hubby and I went to a Friends of Sutter's Fort event.

It was entitled "Through the Lens of Harry Peterson".

Harry was the first curator of the Fort back in the early 1930's.

He took amazing photos of everything having to do with the Fort

and it's beginnings during the Gold Rush in California.

It was so much fun to be in the Fort after closing and to explore

as night fell.

Dave and I hadn't been to the Fort since 2007.

I had forgotten how centrally located it the middle of downtown Sacramento.

We arrived in daylight.

Vintage in the foreground, modern on the other side of the wall.

The last rays of sunlight pinpointed the church outside the Fort.

There is wonderful restoration going on in the buildings.

The roof is the next project.

They try to keep all the buildings true to the time period.

Scruffy and peeling paint always catches my attention.

The Fort has reenactments during the summer months.

Its always fun to see people in costume doing everyday activities of the 1800's.

I took a peek through on of the windows to see the tools of the day.

I really like when things are truly authentic.

We definitely will return for more events and this summer too.

I need more photos of costumes and activities.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos for more detail.

Friday, April 13, 2018


My Honey took this shot of me on our first


back from Mexico.

I think he was happy to have me home again

2 weeks is a long time.

I was glad to be home too.

Monday, April 09, 2018


We had a delightful Easter celebration last Sunday.

What made it extra special was being with some of our family.

I'm posting these mostly for me and saving the memories for my photoblog book.

My older son Steve, his wife Sigrid and my granddaughter Amanda.

We missed Lauren because she is working out of state

I can't believe this granddaughter is graduating high school in about 6 weeks!

One Happy Couple....

I just received a new photo of our granddaughter Samantha.

She is our younger son's daughter.

It's hard to believe that she is turning 15 next week.

There is nothing like Family!!

Friday, April 06, 2018


I'm adding quite a few more photos from the Mexico Outreach.

The photos are mainly so I have them for the Blog book I have

printed at the end of the year.

Camp set-up.  Every thing has to come out of a 20x20 storage room, checked

counted and put into its proper place.

This year we had a HUGE refrigerator truck come in and keep all of our supplies

cold and fresh.

No critters dared to go in there!

Dear sweet Sherry kept up with all the towels everyday.

Towels used for washing , cleaning, as potholders and great mops.

We had a washing machine that got a great workout.

Don't you like our "Dryer".

I just have to post this one...Just because we have some great jokers on our team.

Morning at O' Dark 30...

We often gathered around the hot griddles to warm ourselves, drink a cup of coffee

and prepare for the day.

Chopping up the sausage links to be added to the scrambled eggs every morning.

This happened about 4:30 AM and had to be done before the eggs were started.

Reuben was the Drill Master.

This is how the eggs were beaten , then added to the pans you can see at the bottom

of the photo.

Here I am mixing the scrambled egg, sausage and cheese conglomeration.

Here is Angel at his Taco Stand.

He loves the kids and is always so happy to serve us delicious street tacos.

After eating at Angels we went across the street to the most wonderful ice cream


Of course our resident joker, Scott, had to get into the act and "help" out the


Scott always had something up his sleeve to make us laugh.

His mohawk doesn't show too well but he looked awesome.

One evening we served ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Nothing better than chocolate syrup and whipped cream to finish them off.

Great memories.

Monday, April 02, 2018


Two weeks have simply flown by

But at the same time it seems like forever.

The mission trip turned out to be the best one ever.

The days began with the most glorious sunrises.

And ended with amazing sunsets.

Our HOME SWEET HOME for 13 days.

Every day my team and I cooked 220 DOZEN eggs..

That's 2640 individually cracked and prepared  scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese for 1100 hungry people.

We did all this on the propane grills you see here.

The eggs were begun at 4:30 AM every day and held in our warmers..

Lots of eggs very early in the morning.

Every day we sterilized a gazillion heads of lettuce and cabbage for dinner.

There was many hours of chopping each day for salad.

Our theme for this year was...


Every day.....

Pam Harmon and I figuring out the right proportions for hot chocolate .

Every day gallons and gallons of the brew were made for the thirsty campers.

One day our prep team was able to go into town.

We always stop at Angel's taco stand.

Delicious fresh street tacos.

Here's Angel thanking our team for visiting him.

My sweet  "adopted Granddaughter" ...Olivia.

Having fun...

We became "Chefs" for Pot Roast dinner night.

It's truly amazing what food can be prepared on grills, smokers and warmers.

Our leader making brownies for 1100 people...

ALL baked in the smokers.

It was an all day process.

We have to throw a bit of levity into our hard work....

Taco Night for the masses.

The pancake team was up every morning at 3:30 making delicious cakes

for the day.

My friend Virgil made me a very special pancake one morning.

One evening some of my team mates and I took a walk outside the compound.

It was through the onion fields which were being harvested.

Here's our Mexicali 2018 team of Youth and adults....

All 1100 of them !!!

I just love this woman.

Josefina is so kind, loving and generous to her community.

All the food that wasn't consumed each day was packaged and she took it to families

that wouldn't have any meal that day.

Nothing went to waste.

Feeding the hungry warmed my heart.

10 homes in 4 days were built for families in desperate need.

The local Pastors choose who will get the homes.

It is a life changer for them.

Our Community Service teams brought clothing, rice, beans and other food needs

to local families in the community and to those living in the dump.

I think this was a life changer for our kids too.

His mercies are new every morning.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


The time has come again to make my annual trek down to Mexico.

Tomorrow morning I leave at O Dark 30....4AM!!

Its a long ride but so worth the effort .

Friendships are made that last forever.

Strengthening the bonds between the wonderful people of Mexico and ourselves.

Serving and giving help to some families that would continue to suffer otherwise.

1200 people strong.  Bayside Church.

Making a difference in us and hopefully in them too.

Everything is brought out of storage that has to be washed for the weeks we are there.

All this is done by our prep kitchen team.. (Me included)

Our sleeping arrangements before the Spartans arrive to put up all the big "Mash" tents.

Many, many pallets of food.

We buy it all locally in Mexico and prepare meals for our hungry 1200 people.

Washing a gazillion coolers and tubs that go out with various teams each day.

This is the kid's only source of fresh water when they are doing the work of

building homes, running festivals, games, etc.

Smokers we bring out of storage to use in the prep of brownies and other goodies

for dinner each night.

Lots of cans of pineapple for our Chicken Terriaki dinner.

Our fresh water supply and our refrigerator  truck.   True lifesavers for us.

Hopefully the fields around our compound will be harvested by the time we get there.

Can you say ACHOO if they harvest while we set up camp.

Fortunately the temps are suppose to only get into the 80'sF. full moon this year.

Okay, this is my final post..

See you in 2 weeks.

Enlarge the photos for more detail.